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Welcome to the Chainsman Instit ... Strike That! The Dirty Pair ... I mean Lovely Angels! Page 6

A Case For Treatment?

While Kei had rescued herself she wasn't quite out of the woods yet. But as far as scenes relevant to this page go that's about it. The story concluded with a literal "Deus ex Machina" when the Central Computer revealed itself to be sentient and the benevolent end product of the nanoclysm's final evolution. It cancelled Sleet's nanotech takeover attempt then woke up both Kei and Yuri with no memory of their experiences (as per standard WWW practice) and sent them on their way with Kei having received a passing grade in her TC evaluation. Then just to screw with the readers heads we see Kevin Sleet waking up from his own evaluation inside the Central Computer also with no memory of recent events. Raising the question was he really a villain or had it all just been part of his virtual reality scenario? That question wasn't answered until the following miniseries "Fatal But Not Serious" when it turned out he really was a bastard as he cloned Yuri, gave the clone her memories but with a more aggressive (to say the least) "bad girl" personality twist and the belief that she was the real Yuri in her own TC Evaluation Simulation and the purpose of the game was to kill her old "goodie twoshoes" self.

Curious how that turned out?

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