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The Dirty Pair ... I mean Lovely Angels! Page 3
     In "Run From the Future" Kei and Yuri have an hour to arrest 50 criminals
aboard a space habitat that's off limits to the 3WA.  One hour is as long as
their identity concealing "visa" will last and if it expires once they're
still aboard it'll cause a major diplomatic incident.  Things don't exactly go
smoothly but they've successfully captured most of their quarries in the first
three issues.  It's in the fourth that it all hits the fan and Kei wakes up
to find herself in a bit of a bind.

If you're wondering about Yuri's cyber implants she was killed in the previous miniseries "Fatal but Not Serious" and replaced by an enhanced clone with a download of her memories and personality. Oh and these days Adam Warren is solely responsible for the story and art. Okay enough background info let's rejoin the story and see Kei demonstrate her long distant spitting technique. Maybe the "Dirty Pair" nickname fits better than they think?

Nasty! Is Kei going to get out of this? Or will it be "Send in the clones!" again? Find out! Unless you'd rather skip to scenes from "Sim Hell : Remastered" Or skip to "Fatal but Not Serious" Or return to "Dangerous Acquaintance"

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