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The Dirty Pair ... I mean Lovely Angels! Page 7

Identity Crisis!

In this miniseries Adam Warren decided it was time to bite the hand that fed him and mock the fanboys who provide the majority of his readership. So it turns out that despite (or in some case because of) the massive collateral damage they cause the Dirty Pair have a large fan following who are holding a massive "Kei'n'Yuricon" to honour them. So there's plenty of scenes featuring all the stereotypes of comics/anime/sci-fi/fantasy fans and their conventions. Anyway as mentioned on the previous page Kevin Sleet creates a clone of Yuri who believes that she's the one and only Yuri and she's in a virtual reality simulation in which the object of the game is to hunt down her old self. Thanks to a few tweaks Sleet gave her personality and her belief that she was inside a simulation so it was anything goes time the clone was, to say the least, unihibited. Case in point here's the girl and her boyfriend Clone Yuri spent the night with the morning after.

So as you might have guessed from all this by the time Yuri was ambushed by Clone Yuri in the third issue of "Fatal But Not Serious" there was no difficulty telling them apart.

The Clone screwed up and used the XTC Gun on Yuri to give her a sudden burst of pleasure before she had her throat cut. Turned out there was something Yuri knew now that she hadn't when her memories were last backed up (in case she was killed in action and a clone replacement was needed) so she got her mobility back. Which goes to show the advantages of old fashioned physical bonds over this fancy neural wetware.

Unfortunately the cat fight wasn't going Yuri's way and it looked like the clone was going to end this 5 issue series two issues early. So how did Yuri get out of this one you ask? Well you'll have to see for yourselves.
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