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The Dirty Pair ... I mean Lovely Angels! Page 5

So how did Kei get committed and why is Yuri waving a sword? That's a long story filled with technobabble so here's the highlights from Adam Warren's 4 part story. The WWWA runs regular checks on its Trouble Consultants fitness for their positions and Kei was due for her annual evaluation. An evaluation which takes place entirely in virtual reality with the TC agent neurally linked into the Central Computer then having to complete the simulations it generates. Except that something went very wrong and Kei couldn't be brought out of the simulation. If they unplugged her Kei would wind up braindead (not to mention crashing who knows how many computer systems people depended on) but if they left her in she was going to suffer braindeath anyway though at least the computer wouldn't fry. The only way Kei could survive was if someone went into her simulation and woke her up. To no one's surprise Yuri volunteered and found herself alongside Kei in a historical simulation of the Nanoclysm. While not as apocalyptic as some of the worst case SF scenarios of nanomachines running out of control the Nanoclysm had made the Earth uninhabitable by reconfiguring all the humans and other biological organisms on the planet. Having completed Kei's space based simulation the Pair had expected to wake up in the 3WA Evalution Center but found themselves in another simulation of Earth near the end on the Nanoclysm faced with the difficult task of escaping an aquaculture base without being infected.

Unfortunately that contact had infected Yuri as Kei soon found out.

The evaluation had ended but both Kei and Yuri were still trapped in the computer. Looking for a way out they entered the restricted simulations directory of Kevin Sleet, an agent of the Bureau of Technological Regulation and found an unpleasant surprise.

To digress from the story briefly I'll just mention that this pair of Kei and Yuri simulations appeared as a detail on the back cover of the first issue. Anyway having entered through Sleet's access portal the simulations reacted as though the Dirty Pair were Sleet and revealed his plan to revive the banned science of nanotechnology to seize control of the 3WA. He was also planning on creating dozens of Kei and Yuri clones as his sex toys. This simulation was a dry run for working out the bugs before the clones had gestated. Not surprisingly Kei and Yuri freaked at the whole concept but before they could do anything Sleet arrived in the simulation and the virtual Keis and Yuris turned on the originals.

With those words Sleet did his best to truly Psych Kei Out!

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