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The Dirty Pair ... I mean Lovely Angels! Page 2
     Was this the end of the Dirty Pair?  Well no, not really.  After all this
was a flashback to the mission that earned the Lovely Angels full Trouble
Consultant status.  This is what happened when a space fleet patrol arrived in
answer to mop up after the TC's

Unaware that one of their rescuers took the pictures Kei freaks when she sees Shasti during a vacation and goes after her. Unfortunately Kei had been drinking so Yuri's not sure if Kei's seeing things as she tags along to keep her out of trouble. That was the theory anyway but they both take quite a beating in pursuing Shasti. Too bad for them Shasti manoeuvres them into a setup.

Freed when Shasti doesn't show up to press charges the Pair go looking for payback. They take out half a city and a starship but (presumably) kill Shasti. At least that's how the comic ends, in the graphic novel Shasti survives vaccuum exposure and swears vengeance. But not being hotheaded she defers it for another day. Shasti and the Pair's paths almost crossed but never quite intersected in their most recent miniseries "Run From The Future". As you can see Kei and Yuri still ran into plenty of problems.

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