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The Dirty Pair ... I mean Lovely Angels! Page 4
     Place your bets Ladies and Gentleman.  Will Adam Warren kill off and
replace both members of the Dirty Pair or does Kei still have an ace up her
sleeve (or at least a Bloody Card)?

Gotta love that killer hair trick. With Kei running Yuri's body by remote control she managed to free her partner leaving her in a frantic race against time to get Yuri to her before she lost consciousness from lack of oxygen.

She almost made it. Luckily she managed to nudge Yuri out of her drug induced trance.

In typical Dirty Pair fashion the habitat is destroyed moments after they depart with their prisoners. They're unaware Shasti has also escaped and is planning their rematch. When and where remains to be seen. While as of this writing "Run From The Future" was the last new Dirty Pair comics series 2001 saw the re-release of the older black and white four part "Sim Hell" in colour as "Sim Hell : Remastered". It included quite a bit of material that was worth scanning if you'd like to take a look. To skip to scenes from "Fatal but Not Serious" click here To return to the first "Run From the Future" Page click here To return to the first "Dangerous Acquaintance" Page click here

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