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Vampi is loosely based on the old Warren Magazines character Vampirella but given what Harris Publication calls a manga/cyberpunk makeover. For that matter the current version of Vampirella (also published by Harris) has undergone several revisions since her revival in the early 1990s. Vampi is a dark and violent series so while I won't be showing any scenes that couldn't have got by the Comics Code bear in mind that the actual comic is far more extreme. Before continuing I should mention that these scans were donated to me by Sylvain (who also provided the Danger Girl and Gen 13 scans) and they're from the French editions of Vampi. These are composed of two issues of the North American editions combined. Thus the French #1 combined issues one and two of the North American version. So keep that in mind if looking for these scenes in backissues as we'll be using the French numbering. For all these issues the script is by David Conway, the art by Kevin Lau and inking by Alan Tam. Since Sylvain took the trouble to note that the colouring was by Matt Millar and Avalon Studios I'm passing that info on too. Like Vampirella, Vampi's origins are based in science fiction rather than traditional vampire mythology. Though in her case she's the product of genetic experimentation to create a supersoldier rather than a predatory alien with a heart of gold. The project was deemed a failure but it was felt that Vampi could be a useful corporate assassin controllable by the possibility of a cure for her condition. Which is why in Issue #3 the corporation that created Vampi sent her out to infilitrate the headquarters of their biggest rival Archangel and kill him and she went willingly. It seemed Archangel had been trying to steal their genetics research by co-opting one of their scientists, Professor Fairchild. However Fairchild had tried to take Archangel's money without giving him the real data which was a very dumb move. Both Fairchild and his wife suffered for this. So Vampi broke into Archangel's headquarters and slaughtered almost every security guard who got in the way. With the exception of one guard she convinced to take her to Archangel supposedly as a subdued prisoner rather than joining the bodycount. Not surprisingly the guard agreed though it might have been better if she'd just let Vampi kill her. At least it would have been quicker than Archangel's revenge for co-operating with his enemy. Regardless Vampi's ruse enabled her to reach Archangel. Unfortunately he turned out to be a lot tougher than anyone knew and after breaking several of her bones her turned her over to his sidekick Endura in the fifth issue.

Endura was a nasty piece of work and probably would have been a sadistic sociopath even if genetic manipulation hadn't given her the capability to feed on the pain and suffering of others. Archangel had turned Vampi over to Endura with orders to break her will and Endura enjoyed challenges. The best place to start was with Vampi's very literal bloodlust which she kept under tight control. The first step was a small shot of blood to get Vampi craving more.

With that done Endura dumped the rest of the blood in front of Vampi to see how she'd react. As she had suspected once Vampi's addiction took over the hunger outweighed all other considerations.

Abandoning her dignity and self control Vampi lapped up the blood but there was only enough to whet her appetite not satisfy the hunger. At which point Endura threw an innocent bystander into Vampi's cell. Maddened by bloodlust Vampi tore her apart but once the thirst was quenched and she was able to think again Vampi was consumed by remorse, guilt and self hatred. She broke out of Archangel's headquarters and headed back to her corporate masters intent on killing everyone responsible for turning her into a blood drinking monster in the first place along with anyone who tried to protect them. After another bloodbath she finally collapsed from exhaustion in front of the scientist responsible for her vampirism. Feeling she wasn't resonsible for her actions he got to work on curing her of her madness in issue 6.

After she awoke in a saner frame of mind Vampi decided the best way to make amends was to eliminate Archangel and Endura before they hurt anyone else. Yet another bloodbath followed as she returned to Archangel's lair but again she wound up a prisoner in Endura's clutches. While she had been gone Endura had been busy building a machine that would strip away Vampi's powers, curing her bloodlust but also rendering her helpless which was not something Vampi wanted while a sadist's captive.

In true comicbook fashion Vampi broke free and knocked Endura in to take her place. Endura lost her ability to feed on suffering and regenerate from any injury, becoming virtually unkillable but unable to heal and in constant pain. Poetic justice strikes again. Vampi went hunting for Archangel and for all I know is still on his trail. There's no denying Vampi had things rough but a lot of the background characters got it a lot worse. Even forgetting the security guards who got mowed down by the dozens during Vampi's rampages there were some people who were truely luckless. To see what I mean check out the Miscellaneous Vampi Characters Page

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