Gen 13

Gen 13

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The Genesis Project was a government initiative to create superhuman agents programmed to be loyal to the state. The 12th generation Genesis experiments had created the elite Team 7 agents and with the data obtained from them and the advances in genetic manipulation the 13th generation test subjects should have become the last word in secret agents. Except for two major problems. First, that the project was covertly taken over by the crime/espionage syndicate "International Operations", a group who made SPECTRE look like a bunch of boy scouts. Second, and more importantly, the test subjects discovered the truth and while they liked the gen-active superpowers they had gained didn't want to wind up a brainwashed government goon squad. So they broke out of the project and (with some major assistance from the rogue Team 7 agent John Lynch) successfully fled from both the government and International Operations. Calling themselves Gen 13 the group continues to remain free and independent to this day. Which is not to say they haven't had plenty of close calls along the way as they still attract lots of attention from the wrong sort of people.

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