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Danger Girl

All images except the cover to issue 3 donated by Sylvain

Cliffhanger's "Danger Girl" set out to combine the worlds of James Bond, Indiana Jones and Charlies Angels into an action packed book about a trio of female spies. There's plenty of fans who'll tell you they got it right. The Danger Girl team originally consisted of Abby Chase, Sydney Savage and Natalia Kassle until their running battle with the Neo-Nazi Hammer Empire lead to Natalia's death and, not too long afterwards Sydney's capture.

After waking up in the clutches of the Hammers Sydney was amazed to find that Natalia was alive and well. But it wasn't exactly a happy reunion.

It turned out Natalia had been a double agent all along and with her infiltration mission accompished had faked her own death so she could rejoin her real comrades. Fortunately for Sydney her treacherous team-mate had a weakness for gloating and decided to keep her around a little longer. Even more fortunately she was able to convince her guard that she was overheating in her skin tight catsuit and unable to unzip it with her hands cuffed behind her back.

As to what happened after that? Let's just simplify it and say the good guys won. If you want the whole story the Danger Girl comics in question have been reprinted as a trade paperback.

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