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Gen 13 Group Scenes

Donated by Sylvain

Barely scrapping by under the DC Page's content rules the picture above is the cover to the final issue of "Gen 13 Bootleg : Grunge the Movie". Adam Warren provided both story and art for this wacky miniseries illustrating Eddie "Grunge" Chang's script for the ultimate Hong Kong style action flick starring him. Catlin and Roxy get second billing as his ass kicking babe sidekicks who do great against the cannon fodder but don't have a chance against the boss villain. Incidentally if you think Gunge's head clutters up the cover an edited version is available. Which is why after the inevitable shower scene they wind up getting very quickly trussed up with Hot Wheels racetrack during the final showdown. Fortunately Grunge showed up to rescue them.

Like to see this scene without the background or dialogue?

That concluded Grunge's script (which is still looking for a backer) but while that was all in his head the Gen 13 girls have had to deal with plenty of real life group captures.

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