Gen 13 - Catlin Fairchild

Catlin Fairchild

Donated by Sylvain

Catlin Fairchild has never bothered taking a codename beyond Fairchild. Highly resistant to damage (or "nigh invulnerable" to quote The Tick) and superhumanly strong she has still run into plenty of bonds she couldn't break and things which can hurt her. Case in point.

This next scene was one of those covers with no scene resembling it on the inside. She was briefly trussed up in a different and rather lame death trap but she got out of it before too long.

Up next it's some form of Gen-active power neutralizer. If you want more info just translate the dialogue. This one marks the last of Sylvain's donations from the French version of Gen 13. The next two come from my Irish correspondent De Ville Fo.

Donated by De Ville Fo

Nothing to say except, "No noose is good noose". Sorry, I couldn't resist the urge to pun.

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