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No, the Fantastic Four aren't guest starring. Not that they could have salvaged this one anyway. Not one of Neal Adams' better efforts this short lived title from the short lived Pacific Comics company really overdosed on the environmentalism. There was this evil corporation setting up factories designed purely to produce pollution because ... well because they were an evil corporation. Why not? It was the eighties and we all knew corporations were evil and setting us up for a dark dystopic future. Anyhow in the first issue the Science Investigation Team looking into the factory and its guardian robots have to use an experimental teleporter thus freeing Ms Mystic. She claimed to have been a woman burned for being an Earth Goddess worshipping witch 300 years ago. She'd abandoned ship and separated her spirit from her body before it was too late but wound up stuck in limbo until the teleporter jarred her loose. That was her story thoug there were hints she really an incarnation of nature that had taken on human form to teach humans to cut it out!. Whatever she was as soon as she was loose she wasted no time in using her elemental powere to help the team take out the robots and shut down the factory. Weak after all her efforts and the time inin limbo she collapsed and went off to meet the Earth Goddess spiritually while her body healed. Unfortunately the evil corporation send its trolls to punish her and the team for interfering. While the team was fighting off the main force a squad of trolls found her body so she had a very rude awakening.

Using her elemental abilities she had turned 4 menbers of the team into Ayre, Urth, Watr and Fyre. With that this cut rate Fantastic Four began kicking butt. But as you saw for a change the bad guys didn't just stand there and wait for their plans to be foiled. Leading to this unusual moment where the sidekicks don't make it in the nick of time.

Mother of Mercy, is this the end of Ms Mystic?

Well yeah, it probably wasn't supposed to be but Pacific went under before the third issue could be posted. Asssuming the sales justified another issue as nobody rushed to revive it. Neal Adams went on to do Zero Patrol for another company that self destructed a few issues later. I've lost track of him and have no idea what he's working on these days.

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