Kelly Friday, Doc. Stearn's assistant, was not like the usual damsels in distress that her boss (better known as Mr. Monster) kept meeting while working.

Even when she fell into the clutches of a mad scientist she kept her cool. Grace under pressure was always Kelly's credo as she demonstrated in the fourth issue of Mr Monster (script and art by Michael T. Gilbert) when she was abducted by the diabolical Dr. Nozone.

While she occassionally found Strongfort Stearn irritating and about as emotionally mature as a block of granite, Kelly liked the guy and had absolute confidence in him. Which was why she didn't show any concern until it looked as if the diminutive doctor had got the drop on Mr. Monster.

No, but it was a struggle for Mr. Monster to escape from Dimension X and return to rescue Kelly.

Kelly and Mr. Monster headed for home while the not so good Doctor Nozone got his own look at Dimension X and life returned to normal for them. Normal being a relative term in this context. Kelly eventually got her own three issue mini-series but neither she or Mr. Monster have been around for awhile now. Here's hoping their adventures aren't done yet.

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