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The Dirty Pair

Another anime based series the cartoon was based a series of novels rather than comics. It follows the (mis)adventures of Kei and Yuri, two Trouble Consultants from the WWWA a massive private security corporation of a few centuries from now. Codednamed the "Lovely Angels" their habit of causing massive collateral damage resulted in their becoming nicknamed the "Dirty Pair" a name that makes them go ballistic. Feared throughout the galaxy the question of why the Central Computer always clears them of all responsibility for the massive destruction they leave in wake has never been answered. Like the original Bubblegum Crisis another series with greater popularity outside Japan than in its homeland. The Toren Smith, Adam Warren comic miniseries added some cyberpunk elements to the plot and made the WWWA an intergalactic government. In "Dangerous Acquaintance", their second miniseries, the vacationing Pair run into a former WWWA agent, Shasti who left them for dead after her neural implants malfunctioned and turned her from the greatest agent in the WWWA's history to a multiple personality psychopath. It was really the 3WA's fault for not anticipating the consequences of their actions. Does installing a copy of criminal mastermind Lacombe's personality into Shasti's experimental bioengineered multiple personality brain so she could think like him sound in any way like a good idea? Sure enough Shasti went beserk killing both her partner Dierdre and Lacombe and flipping wildly between personalities got the drop on Kei and Yuri.

Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of the Dirty Pair?

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