Sergio Aragones' Groo the Wanderer certainly lived up to its name. Originally published by Pacific Comics it moved over to Eclipse, jumped over to Marvel for its longest run and now shows up as miniseries from Dark Horse Comics. The cast behind Groo's adventures has remained constant despite all this wandering. Sergio Aragones takes care of the art and plotting, Mark Evanier does the scripting and dialogue and Stan Saki takes care of the colouring. Groo's supporting cast followed him and that included Chakaal the Warrior Woman who had originally debuted in the seventh issue of the Pacific Comics series (as well as starring in the eight and final issue before Pacific went under). As good with a sword as Groo but lacking his idiocy she roams the land seeking adventure and wrongs to right. Unfortunately she keeps running into Groo whose infatuation with Chakaal leads him to assist her and that usually means disaster. Though every now and then his stupidity and skill with his swords combines to save the day despite his incompetence. From long experience Chakaal has learned Groo is too stupid to realise he is the last man in the world she would marry (though there have been occasional hints that she might have enough affection for the fool to think him the second-to-last man in the world she would marry) and puts up with him tagging along whenever they meet. In issue 52 of Marvel Comics version of Groo the Wanderer the dynamic duo encountered a town where the locals were having to periodically sacrifice maidens to the Arana. This turned out to be a giant spider that would ravage the countryside if it wasn't fed regularly. It also turned out that the locals were stealing girls from the neighbouring towns so they wouldn't have to use their own women and a war was brewing with the other towns. Chakaal decided to put a stop to this by killing the Arana but the question was how? While Chakaal pondered the question Groo sampled the local liquor which was very potent and got drunk. While inebriated he suggested they have a drink with the Arana and gave Chakaal an idea. After having a wineskin filled with a concentrated form of the liquor she descended into the Arana's lair with Groo. The plan was to dose the Arana with the liquor then find its vulnerable spot while it was drunk and kill it. Unfortunately Groo had not sobered up as much as she thought and the Arana was enraged when Chakaal killed a second smaller (but still a bit bigger than a human) spider, the Arana's mate.

In case you're wondering about Groo's dialogue a reader had written in to jokingly complain that he had never uttered that immortal barbarian hero dialogue cliche, "You fiend! What sorcery is this?" (or words to that effect). Though drunk Groo finally fufills this requirement. Anyway despite his intoxication Groo inadvertently succeeded in getting Arana drunk. Unfortunately ...

Rufferto, Groo's best friend and the only one to not suffer misfortune from prolonged exposure to Groo, had been tosed into the Arana's lair by the locals after they decided Chakaal and Groo weren't coming back. This lack of confidence turned out to be a lucky break for our heroes. Chakaal was unaware Rufferto didn't like her and feared she secretly loved Groo and would take his master away from him. Rufferto had been hoping the Arana would eat Chakaal however this time circumstances were about to dictate that he help her.

Naturally Groo woke up and woke up the Arana but it was still dizzy and disorientated so even drunk Groo was able to fight it while Chakaal found its vulnerable spot. With the Arana dead they emerged from its lair and stopped the locals from throwing in another girl. Accompanied by Rufferto and following Chakaal the now sober Groo left the town trying to remember what he had seen in the Arana's lair while drunk and meant to tell Chakaal. Meanwhile behind them the Arana's dozens of eggs began to hatch. For the town it was a case of the more things change the more they stay the same. Or as Groo once phrased it, "Groo is not afraid of living in fear".

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