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Bombshell co-starred in Dark Horse Comics Spyboy, a fun series by Peter David (writer) and Pop Mhan (artist) which unfortunately went on hiatus in 2001. Spyboy was the alternate personality of teenager Alex Fleming, a nice guy and human doormat. Nobody pushed Spyboy around but his singleminded focus on completing his current mission meant Bombshell was assigned to watch out for innocent bystanders caught up in the inevitable chaos. Spyboy's amorality made a lot of sense when you remember that he was created by the Supreme Killing INSitute (SKINS) as their ultimate sleeper agent and assassin so it's not surprising that he didn't play by the good guys rules. In this case the good guys being America's super secret (and critically underfunded) Secret Headquarters International Reconnaisance Tactics and Spies agency. Bombshell, SHIRTS youngest agent, had literally fallen into her profession after landing on their optically camouflaged headquarters during a suicide attempt five years before Spyboy #1. They decided to keep and train her and created a top flight teenage spy with a talent for explosives who took the codename Bombshell. That's basically all we know about her apart from the fact that her real name is Phyllis but calling her that tends to provoke fits of psychotic rage so her associates have learned not to mention it. Just who she was and what drove her to suicide remains a mystery. We do know that she likes Alex as a friend and has a crush on the uncaring Spyboy (who initially seemed completely uninterested in girls but later issues reveal an interest in the more pragmatic/ruthless Yukio aka Spygirl) but that's about it. To set the scene while on assignment in Marispan Spyboy and Bombshell have learned that tha nation of Hindasti was behind the attempted nerve gassing of the UN. An attempt they foiled so the Hindastians are looking for revenge. They want Spyboy dead but have decided Bombshell would be better sold than terminated as they have a booming White Slave trade and hate to waste good merchandise. As issue number 10 opens Spyboy is fighting a cybernetic ninja overhead while the groundbound Bombshell, along with Alex's father, annoying wannabe spy Butch and his mother follow on foot.
With her comrades on foot and the Hindastians having a limo they make a clean getaway though Sean Fleming does manage to plant a Spyder tracking device on them. Unfortunately that showed Bombshell wouldn't be staying in Marispan much longer so following her was about to get complicated.

That's it for Bombshell's appearances in this issue apart from this one in the superdeformed preview panel that closed each issue of Spyboy.

Spyboy 11's splash page had Bombshell in a crate on her way for assessment before market day and not in the best of moods. Which would not have been improved had she known that Spyboy had reverted to plain old Alex so her "partner" wasn't looking for her. Plus with the synaptor that triggered Spyboy's activation lost she would have to settle for the untrained Alex instead of the world's greatest secret agent. Anyway we rejoin the story just after they unpacked her.

Alex and his Father got separated but they managed to independently learn where the auction was being held but Alex got there first. However it was too late to stop the auction.

So what was Alex doing while all this was going on?

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