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Saga of the Victims - Second Stanza.

Saga of the Victims Continued or Yet Again One Damn Thing After Another! Continued

The third issue kicked off with Josie and Anne on their way to becoming dinner for baby pterodactyls. At which point a mixed blessing occurred as the volcano the nest was sitting atop erupted.

Amazingly the nest didn't ignite in a few seconds but was carried along with the lava and dumped into the ocean. Exhausted by their recent bizarre ordeals both girls collapsed into sleep and awoke to find the nest floating near a drifting eighteenth century sailing ship. After their recent experiences it was pretty obvious something nasty would happen if they boarded it but dehydration and starvation drove them to climb aboard. At first the ship appears deserted but no sooner do they find provisions than they're knee deep in undead pirates.

So ended the third issue. Issue four brought us Giant Nazi Mechanical Squid No, really! See for yourself.

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