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When Professor Fairchild tried to doublecross Archangel he must have suspected that if things went wrong he'd suffer for it. But he didn't expect this would also apply to his wife or that he'd be forced to watch what happened to his spouse after Archangel gave her to Endura in issue 2.

As to what happened next let's just say the Comics Code Authority would have freaked and ordered the comic banned and leave it at that. Next up remember the guard Vampi convinced to take her to Archangel? That's her (sans uniform) hanging over the piranha tank in issue 3.

While it's been a common peril situation since the days of the movie serials unfortunately no hero (or heroine) showed up to rescue her in the nick of time. That's just the way it goes in these dark, dystopic, cyberpunk futures. Kind of makes you long for the corny old style, doesn't it?

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