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Lost in Space

Lost in Space

A few years before the 1999 movie, back in 1991/1992, Innovation bought the rights to do a comic book based on the Lost in Space TV series. Set a few years after the series went off the air both Will and Penny Robinson were well into their teens (and as you can see Penny filled out nicely). Anyway in this annual Dr. Smith sells Penny and her sister Judy to an alien slave trader for coordinates to Alpha Centuri. Because Smith and the slaver both double-cross one another Penny and Judy are freed and returned to their family. Once again Dr. Smith manages to talk his way out of being shoved out the nearest airlock. That man definitely had the gift of the gab. Good thing he never ventured into politics. To wrap things up here are a few more pictures of Penny Robinson in distress. Thanks to Gauda_prime providing them.

If anyone knows how Penny escaped the quicksand please let me know.

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