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Gen 13 Group Scenes - Page 2

More Gen 13 Group Scenes

Donated by Sylvain

Gen 13's close encounters of the third kind resulted in discovering that aliens build very tough handcuffs. Though while highly advanced technically they don't know enough to cuff hands behind backs so you can guess what's coming.

Back on Earth the Gen 13 ladies encounter with the mind controlling midget known as Baby Love provided what has to have been their most frequently quoted bondage scenes. It also demonstrated an unknown hazard of smoking as Roxy's tobacco addiction made her vulnerable to Love's mind manipulation.
Without the background or dialogue

Without the background or dialogue

Fortunately the effect wasn't permanent and all too soon Roxy was again continuing her fruitless pursuit of Grunge. At least as far as I know, if there has been any change in their relationship please let me know. Anyway that's all for now. Thanks to Sylvain for his scans from the French editions of Gen 13.

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