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Bombshell (Make My Day, Call Me Phyllis!) - Page 2

Buyer Beware!

Why all the girls had their hands cuffed behind them on the last page yet they're unshackled from this point on was never explained. Writer or artist error? Lack of space to show removing the manacles so the buyers can see the merchandise isn't missing fingers or otherwise faulty? It's funnier or more dramatic from this point on if Bombshell's able to put up a better fight? All or none of the above? Take your pick and/or just relax and read on.

The mystery man is Alex using the disguise capabilities of the ODDball (Optical Distortion Device) he picked up in the previous issue. All he has to do is buy Bombshell then sneak them out using the ODDball's invisibility screen. Unfortunately as he has no way to inform Bombshell of this she makes her own break for it.

Alex and the readers were left wondering if Bombshell was warming up to him rather than his Spyboy personna. If and when the series resumes (or if anything comes of those plans for a Spyboy cartoon) maybe we'll finally find out. Until then here's a pinup of Bombshell and Spygirl having a bad day from Spyboy 12 that we can only hope will get a story to go with it someday.

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